Interview with Justin Richburg

This is the first interview in the Change The Narrative interview series.
About a year ago I asked this young artist from Philly for an interview.
His artwork has been featured on the single covers of artists like Wale & recognized by stars like Chris Brown & Teyana Taylor. 

After this interview is work was featured on FX’s Atlanta and Donald Glover tapped him to be the character animator for his single’s music video, Feels Like Summer.

What does Young Artist Under Construction mean to you?
How did you come up with that name? 

I came up with YAUC because I’m young and I’m constantly building everyday.

How hard is it to see your impact on the culture but not the credit for it?

Credit doesn’t bother me as much anymore, people like to keep others a secret

When was the 1st time you recognized your interest in art?
I don’t know, I’ve been drawing since I was little

What made you chose Instagram as your medium?
How has it translated outside social media? (Prints, T-Shirts, tattoos)

Because Instagram is the new thing. It translated into people recognizing me on the streets and being happy to see me.

Can you talk about the ‘trilogy’ piece?
What inspired you portraying a kid being tempted while pursuing basketball, baseball & football? 

I made the basketball drawing one from watching ‘Above The Rim’ and ‘He Got Game’. I made the others because people kept asking me

What would you say to the kids who are discouraged by adults when they reveal their dreams?

I’d say to kids, ‘Do what you do, find what is best for you.’

How important is copy-write & tagging art in an ever changing social media? 
It’s important but people will always find a way to take your stuff

Your love for Allen Iverson is well documented, how cool was it that someone took your Monstarz vs AI piece & tattooed it
It was ‘flames’ that someone felt a way about a drawing enough to get it tattooed 

Where can people order prints of your work? 
You can get prints from me by asking, but I will soon put them on my website

How can people find you on social media?
By my name Justin Richburg

Special Thanks again to #JustinRichburgMadeIt

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