El Presidentè: G.O.O.D Music’s Reign With Pusha T As Head Honco

By Thomas Hester II (@thomasahester2)

During a Hot 97 interview Steve Stoute revealed that Pusha T actually wrote the original ‘I’m Lovin It’ jingle for McDonalds.

This was met with acclaim throughout the media from Time to Rolling Stone reinforcing that Push has always strove to break out of any preconceived notions anyone has had about him.



Announced in November of 2015 that he was the new President of GOOD Music he has flourished in this position making many moves.

He has brought something seriously lacking from labels, consistency.

Looking at the drama with Cash Money & Young Money there so many missed opportunities.

Back in 2009 with Every Girl & Bedrock the industry was looking to see what the next move was, instead of building on the highly successful singles to release all of the artists on their compilation they focused on 3 artists outside of Lil Wayne: Drake, Nicki Minaj & Tyga.

So while those 3 enjoyed both Platinum & Gold success the rest on the label lacked depth of their discography. Talents like Jae Millz, Lil Chuckee, Lil Twist, Bow Wow & even legends like Busta Rhymes were all shelved or left their label disgruntled about lack of payment.

Pusha T in his short tenure as the head of GOOD is giving No Limit levels of production comparatively with first Big Sean releasing a collaboration album with Jhene Aiko as the collective, Twenty88, Kanye West delivered The Life Of Pablo, the first single to King Push with Jay Z, Drug Dealer’s Anonymous becoming a success, Cruel Winter’s Round & Round on Big Boy, then GOOD Music united with a rare sighting together for the best performance at Summer Jam.



Kanye West has criticized himself as not supporting his artists as much as he should.

The first incarnation of GOOD Music wasn’t wholly beneficial as Really Doe, GLC, Tony Williams & Sa Ra never released albums after years of being signed to the label.

Teyana Taylor & CyHi The Prynce is in a similar boat they don’t receive the attention their talent deserves, Pusha T can change that.


Back in 2012 GOOD Music gave a remix to Don’t Like after Pusha T told Kanye about the movement happening in Chicago and though they didn’t end up signing Chief Keef or producer Young Chop to the label it showed once again that Push could recognize talent.

In 2016 President Push delivered again signing Desiigner to GOOD Music.

They put the 18 year old on Freestyle 4 and more noticeably Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2.

FSMH Pt. 2 took the vocals from his singular song but it gave the song much more exposure.

The risk paid off almost immediately as Panda became number one on Billboard then went Platinum.

What’s next for El Presidentè?

With Life of Desiigner, GOOD could prove to distractors that their new signee isn’t a one hit wonder or a clone of other popular artists.

There’s no current release date for Cruel Winter but the single is being added to radio rotations.

There was a reuniting of The Neptunes for production for the upcoming King Push.

Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise went Platinum earlier this year & his fourth LP is coming soon.

Pusha T teased a GOOD Music tour and with TIDAL’s relationship with LiveNation it’s possible.


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