KING ME: LeBron fulfills his destiny with a title for Cleveland

By Thomas Hester II (@thomasahester2)

As the clock strikes triple zero jubilation eruption from the visiting bench.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have won the 2016 NBA Championship.

52 years & 146 major-sports seasons were completed in Cleveland since their last title, 1964 Browns.

The drought was over, the curse broken.

Instead of reminiscing on failures the city can create new memories of triumph and it all started with a letter.

After losing to the San Antonio Spurs, vanquishing their desire for a 3-peat, eyes were set on the hottest free agent in sports, LeBron James.

Analysts and fans alike prophesied that a return to his home state was imminent but many perceived it would be down the line, similar to the Big 3 in Boston after their prime years were spent but he shocked the sports world announcing his return to the place that crowned him king, Cleveland.

A turbulent first year aside changes were made midseason, replacing David Blatt with assistant Tyronn Lue was one of them.

In the playoffs the Cavs had a fast start as Lue became the first coach in NBA History to start a coaching career 10-0. They returned to the Finals after winning the ECF Championship but would face a familiar foe.

The Golden State Warriors snatched the greatest regular season record from the 95-96 Chicago Bulls with a 73-9 record. Stephen Curry would become the first unanimous MVP and Steve Kerr would again win Coach of The Year.

The Warriors came back from the brink of elimination in the Western Conference Finals winning 3 straight against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

When GSW went up 2-0 against the returning Cavs some were predicting a sweep as they would cap off their record breaking run as back to back champions.

The Cavaliers had other plans, after being down 3-1 they became the first team in 50 years to have a Game 7.

Unlike the previous games where they were blowouts with wins ballooning from 10 to 30+ points Game 7 proved to be a nail bitter as Draymond Green came out hot from three with 22 first half points and ends with a near triple double.

Kevin Love’s rebounding skills would prove to be essential as the second chance points made the difference.

Kyrie Irving with less than a minute remaining with the game tied at 89 scored a beyond the arc jumper over the MVP putting the Cavs up by 3.

Then with 10 seconds remaining James goes up for a dunk over Green but comes down hard on his wrist, having 2 free throws to put the Warriors away for good LeBron sinks the second bringing the lead to 4.

His 7th career Finals triple double, 27-11-11, tied him for 2nd most of all time only behind Magic Johnson.

With this win King James fulfills his promise to bring one to The Land and reasserts his dominance on the NBA as the best player in the world & the with 4 MVPs, 3 championships with 3 Finals MVPs the player of the decade.

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