YZY SZN: Adidas’ rise in Hip Hop Culture

“I ain’t tryna stunt man but the Yeezy’s jumped over the jump man”

— Kanye West, New God Flow

By Thomas Hester II (@thomasahester2)

Nike is the biggest shoe company in the world but adidas’ position is rising.

With the rise of Under Armor & Puma there is true competition for the Swoosh.

UA has the reigning MVPs, Stephen Curry/Cam Newton, Nike has established athletes like LeBron James.

adidas went another route: artists.


Hip hop and adidas has always been connected.

Back in the 80s Run DMC had many fans donning fat laces with the shoes with three stripes.

They have Pharrell, Nigo of Bape fame, and Kanye West.

adidas + Kanye West is the platform Ye has been pushing for the last 3 years.

Unlike Nike, who only offered limited opportunities for non athletes, adidas is expanding to ‘products for men and women’ with retail stores opening up soon.


Their partnership has been a flourished so far with successful releases of Yeezy Boost 750s, 350s with styles selling out within minutes.

adidas sales rose 10% for 2015 with the adidas Orignals growing 45% in the fourth quarter .


He has brought his influence to adidas with stars like Future, Weeknd & Taylor Swift donning his styles.

Label mates & fellow adidas’ team 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Pusha T during Summer Jam all advertised the newly released gum sole 750s.

With this announcement Adidas has essentially made West their Jordan, a face synonymous to the brand.


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