Chance The Rapper – Lil Chano From 79th to the White House Performer

 With partnerships with the aforementioned Kit-Kat, Nike, H&M and New Era he has expanded his brand to mainstream America. With partnerships with the aforementioned Kit-Kat, Nike, H&M and New Era he has expanded his brand to mainstream America.

“I love Chance. We’re like Big Brother, Little Brother. He’s not signing to a label, He’s smart.
Music Is advertisement for a brand and kids get his brand.”

— Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino

 In the new Kit-Kat adverts they show a young black man walking through the isles of a store with his son and wife.

Overlaid with music there he finds a voice singing Give Me A Break jingle, the camera reveals a super imposed image of Chance The Wrapper on a Kit-Kat bar

These widely popular series of commercials have went virally online with Kit-Kat’s Facebook account creating custom Chance The Wrapper bars where fans can add their names onto the product

Hailing from Chatham’s 79th Street Chance The Rapper, born Chancellor Bennett, has had quite a run of success and it is more impressive when taking in the fact that he has accomplished so much without assistance of a major label.

After going on tour with Childish Gambino and with the release of his widely successful mixtape Acid Rap he stereotypically would have signed to one of the many labels that were courting him but instead he started his own path by remaining unsigned.

“I don’t make songs for free, I make them for freedom”

— Chance The Rapper, Blessings

He has a philosophy of releasing content for free

The anticipation for his next full length project was reaching it’s peak in 2015 but Chance made music with his friends as the collective Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment.

It followed his previous releases as being available for free instead of charging for a download.

Surf made history. It was downloaded over 600,000 times its first week and had over 10 million tracks downloaded individually.

“Let’s do a good ass job with Chance 3, I hear you gotta sell it to snatch the Grammys.
Let’s make it so free and the bars so hard that there ain’t one gosh darn part you can’t tweet”

— Chance The Rapper, Ultralight Beams

Chance The Rapper also was one of the first independent artists to appear on SNL without major backing.

His SNL performance on Kanye West’s Ultralight Beams bought a lot of new fans curious of what would come next.

In May of 2016 Chance The Rapper released his third project.

Highly touted as Chance 3 and later revealed as Coloring Book this release was streamed exclusively with Apple Music

It was loved and universally acclaimed.

Seen as a mastery of infusing soulful gospel music and melodic raps he tapped his idols Kirk Franklin and Kanye West to bring forth his artistic vision.

In the first week Coloring Book was streamed over 57 million times and even charted in the Top 10 on Billboard 200.

With all of his success there was a question of whether he would receive validation from awarding committees.

There was a popular petition pushing for the Grammys to change their rules and allow free and streaming content to be considered. Even Chance himself signed it bringing fresh conversation to the issue.

With the ceremony announced there were major changes that the Recording Academy made and one of them address the growing of streaming content.

This album has the privilege of being the first streaming album to be nominated for a Grammy.

It is up for Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album.

In addition to getting a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist he received seven nominations in total.

Instead of just endorsements of companies for a money grab Chance The Rapper aims for partnerships.

With partnerships with the aforementioned Kit-Kat, Nike, H&M and New Era he has expanded his brand to mainstream America.

His hustle has brought him on stages like the ESPYs where he had a dedication to Muhammad Ali and for the White House Lighting Ceremony he performed ‘Sunday Candy’ in front of President Obama and the First Family.

With Best New Artist from both Soul Train Awards and BET Hip Hop Awards the sky’s the limit.

In February the world will be watching the Grammys and can see if Chance The Rapper will be awarded.

Regardless of how many trophies he walks away it’s been a journey to watch this artist truly do it his way.

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