Jiggaman to HOV – The Evolution of Shawn Carter

“I’m not a businessman but a business man”

— Jay Z, Diamonds From The Sierra Leone Remix

 On the set of Dead Presidents music video (Biggie & AZ in the cut) On the set of Dead Presidents music video (Biggie & AZ in the cut)

On DJ Khaled’s new single, Shining, Jay Z gives a rundown of his resume complete with 21 Grammys and flipping the number backwards would give 12 records all certified Platinum

Besides his statistics musically his run business wise is second to none

If you listen to his music and not just “skim through it”

Though Jay Z was mocked by some because of his pride in co-ownership of the Nets what he was able to accomplish was admirable.

He helped relocate to his borough of Brooklyn, a 40/40 club installed and Rocawear sold in the arena

Then after selling his share he founded Roc Nation Sports luring big names like Robinson Cano and Kevin Durant to the brand.

Similarly critics doubted his decision to compete with Spotify and later Apple Music through buying Aspiro and launching artist owned TIDAL. The investment is paying though with Sprint purchasing a third of TIDAL’s platform which infused the company with cash.


Jay Z has been able to stay relevant for the pass 30 years

After not finding a record label Rocafella Records was founded with Dame Dash and Biggs

The partnership within themselves have them leverage to sign Def Jam as distributors of their music

Jiggaman’s impact on culture and the ability to start and stop trends is fascinating

The song Change Clothes affected NBA’s jersey sales so much that the commissioner of basketball David Stern asked if he could “change clothes again”

Hip hop provides millions of dollars in free advertising to high end luxury brands but instead of appreciation Cristal showed disgust in their association, this led to Jay Z leading a boycott of the brand instead aligning himself with Armadale vodka and later Ace of Spades champagne

Rocawear has a similar history, Roc Boys wanted an official partnership with Iceberg clothing but after their dismissal Rocawear sold $80M in revenue in only 18 months

After retirement the King of Rap flipped that relationship into an executive position over Def Jam furthering the careers of Ne-Yo, Rick Ross and Rihanna

IPO HOV has partnered as producer for multiply projects

He came from lending his name with Damon Dash for Roc Films (State Property, Paper Soldiers) to gaining equity in Hollywood

He and Kanye helped fund Chris Rock’s Top Five

Teamed with Jada & Will Smith for the Annie remake with Oscar nominated Quvenzhane Wallis

TIME: The Kalief Broward Story with the Academy Award winning Weinstein Brothers


The race to a billion is fascinating to watch and shows how far hip hop can go

And Jay Z’s induction into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame is a testament to how his words took him from Marcy Projects to dinners with billionaire Warren Buffet

 ” Can it be the same one on covers with Warren Buffett Was ducking the undercovers, was warring with motherfuckers? Went from warring to Warren, undercovers to covers ” – Jay Z, Shiny Suit Theory

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