Dusk In California – A 3 year old picture & a tweet sparked a film

“I have this fundamental belief that all Global culture is led by American culture which is led by Black culture in the U.S., food, music, dance, etc.”

— Tristan Walker, founder of Walker & Co.

UPDATE: Both Oscar nominated AVA DUVERNAY & Grammy winner RIHANNA have agreed & Golden Globe nominated Issa Rae is the writer. The Working Title is CASHING IN. Also Codeblack Films & Lionsgate has shown interest

In 2014 two stars attended a Miu Miu show during Paris Fashion Week.

3 years later this fact affected culture.

It all started with a picture, then the reaction.



Thoughts begin spilling out about a project with both Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o & Grammy recipient Rihanna.

A common thought is there should be a movie starting these two.


This topic and tweet itself went viral. Fans of both were raving about the possibilities of a collaboration. Then Lupita herself actually responded to these creatives with an offer to team up with the Bad Girl from Barbados.


UPDATE: RIHANNA has accepted Lupita’s offer joining the cast


I myself got caught up in the fury and offered that Xavier Burgin, most known for his XLNB Stories like Tina & the Gucci Flip-Flop would be attached to write the screenplay while Ava DuVernay directs.

Apparently God heard my cries and inspired by 1800SADGAL’s tweet X ended up writing ‘Dusk In California: A Film’ based on this concept.


UPDATE: Director AVA DUVERNAY (Selma/Queen Sugar) has joined the crew & ISSA RAE (Awkward Black Girl/Insecure) is the writer



Something that began as just a thought, an observation began so much more as many from Switzerland to the States were supporting ideas and discussing concepts complete with fan art.

“What’s up Blood? What’s up, cous? It’s all Black I love us”

— Jay Z, Murder To Excellence

This incident reminds me of the creatively of Black people, from trending and creating hashtags to the concept of live reactions on social media we are at the center of culture and content.

Now it’s up to Hollywood to take the next step or see if an investor will step up and fund it.

UPDATE: Codeblack Films/Lionsgate has responded to the call



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