Spider-Man Homecoming – Avengers Meets John Hughes

This was a truly enjoyable movie.

I’ve never laughed so hard genuinely throughout an entire movie like I did with this film.

This is the third incarnation of the web slinging hero on film but unlike the Sam Rami trilogy or the Amazing series it doesn’t retell the origin story.

This film takes place after Civil War and it shows a young Peter Parker hopeful to continue his work with the Avengers.

It was refreshing that the makers realized it wasn’t necessary to retread the Uncle Ben saga and finding another way to say “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Because it told a different story the audience was able to experience a fresh take on a classic character.

Robert Downey Jr is Tony Stark. Hugh Jackson was made to play Wolverine. And Tom Holland is the perfect Peter Parker. He’s energetic take on Spider-Man worked so well.

Similarly with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, he stole the show in Captain American: Civil War and his carried over his comedic bubbly personality as he carried the feature film.


Set in New York City the first thing I noticed was the diversity.

It may sound obvious but growing up seeing a white washed Great Apple on shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S & later How I Met Your Mother it felt great to see proper representation.

In 2017 it makes sense that the great “melting pot” is complete with Parker going to corner store and having a friendly relationship with the clerk even speaking his native language.

The changes that took place felt natural with Parker’s best friend is played by Jacob Batalon and his crush was Laura Harrier even Flash being in the same social circle as Parker made his bullying work even better. When placed on the same debate team it shows it’s even harder to escape his barbs.

Zendaya’s portrayal as Michelle gives way to some of the best lines in the movie, her off simple look and wit gives her a personally different from all the rest.


The cameos in the film from Donald Glover to Hannibal Burress were truly hilarious.

It added to the story, even progressing possible future storylines in the universe.

Also there’s a special treat for fans of the Avengers because there’s another superhero who helps the kids on their journey to self discovery.

This film had the strongest villain since Loki. A common compliant with Marvel movies has been the antagonist but from the beginning I understood and sympathized with Michael Keaton’s character.

It made sense why he made the choices he did after the cards he gave with.

Keaton was definitely the right way to go as Adrian Toomes. From Batman to Birdman and now Homecoming he gave a great performance while some may have phoned it in for a “super hero movie”.

Spider-Man Homecoming though criticized for having low stakes the stakes felt justified.

As a 15 year old trying to find his way and trying to balance life from having a crush to being Spiderman.

With the marketing it was branded as Peter having a close bond with Tony Stark and some critics were worried this film would turn into essentially Iron Man 4.

But his placements in this film was perfect to me, it wasn’t over saturated and when he appeared it added gravitas to the story.

With it revealed that the little boy in Iron Man 2 was actually Peter Parker it made sense why they are paired together and showed a fatherly side of Tony Stark.


Peter Parker feels he has to prove his worth to encourage both Happy and Stark to move forward with his training.

He’s tiring of getting cats stuck up in the tree and has to learn who he is separated from the suit.

This in all was a classic high school film, with references to the 80s films from the marketing to a recreation of an iconic scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

They correctly gave the feeling of what it was like in high school, the characters were engaging and the villain was memorable.

If you doubts on seeing this film, you shouldn’t. It’s worth your time and money.