DCOM – Tru Confessions

In the late 1990s, early 2000s every month Disney would release a Disney Channel Original Movie.

These movies have become fondly remembered by kids now adults who are apart of a generation now looking back to the past.

The 90’s babies are now becoming nostalgic as most have graduated high school & gone in to the “real world”.

I thought it’d be cool to take a look back at some of these classics.

What I liked about these DCOM features is their range, from sports movies like Brink, Motocrossed & Double Teamed to the space adventures in the Zenon series but there also was a serious side.

The Color of Friendship, a movie based a true story about 2 families colliding, one from Apartheid South Africa & the other from Washington D.C. won an Emmy.

Tru Confessions is a film about a girl name Tru and her family: her father, a brain surgeon, mother & brother Eddie, who was a disabled teen.

Tru is played by Clara Bryant while Eddie was played by Emmy award winning Shia LaBeouf.

Tru Walker was ahead of his time with her video blogs. She documents her everyday life with dreams of having her own TV show.

She explains the reason she started this is because she wants something that is just hers.

The film shows the interacts between her twin along with how Eddie affects their lives.

Eddie is a very energetic person with a generous heart but what he may think is funny or ok was seen as invasive or embarrassing to Tru.

Tru feels she is getting loss in the shuffle as her mother tries to balance the house & Eddie’s feelings.

Her father, as a doctor, was busy and away preparing to help others lives.

She doesn’t feel there’s anyone to hear her so she seeks out help on a medical forum and she gets a response from someone named DeeDee.

Tru begins to cherish this advice and a way to be able to voice her opinions.

Through DeeDee’s & her teacher’s encouragement she decides to tell her story and sends in her video for the contest for their own TV show.

The thing I loved about this film is how they didn’t sugarcoat interactions.

There are scenes where the mother & father disagrees about how to work with Eddie.

She feels it’s great to appreciate how far he’s gone but the father wanted to continue to push him and shatter expectations.

While this showed how the parents were dealing with their teenagers this was juxtapose with a scene where Eddie & the father was playing catch.

It showed how much patience he had with Eddie & though he wasn’t around a lot he still loved his son.

Fresh off the Emmy win from Even Stevens LeBeouf is seen less as a goofy sidekick and shows his talents and range as an actor.

This is shown through various scenes like them at the library. Eddie & Tru are at the library and after getting lost he has a meltdown.

Instead of just showing his breaking point he explains how he tired of being “different”.

This shows self awareness and though he’s content he knows he’s not the same as everyone else.

There’s subtlety to his performance that isn’t a parody of those with mental disabilities but is approached with genuine care.

Tru ends up winning the content and the video is shown on television that week.

It felt like a victory not only for the character but could have been an ending that would have been satisfying.

But instead of doing that the film dives even further.

The dad realizes his lack of presence in the video and is shown her footage of him exploding and ignoring his family.

This leads to him taking time to adjust how he behaves and becomes more readily available.

Not only that though Tru then realizes how bad she’s treated her mother.

That there has been miscommunication on both sides.

Though Tru didn’t understand why her mother hid behind a forum to try and communicate her mother explains how it’s not that easy.

I love that this film shows there’s no real enemies in this family but a normal one who can be dysfunctional at time.

15 years later though dated this is an enjoyable film that can be seen on VOD through YouTube.