BIG3 – A Classic Remix of Basketball

The winners of the Big3 tournament was the Trilogy led by Rashad McCants how hit the game winner. Trilogy went an undefeated 10-0 in the first season of Big3’s tournament.

Since the very beginning the Big3 has had some exciting proceedings. During the first game there was a buzzer beater as Power’s Deshawn Stephenson hit the dagger over beating Tri-State.

This was a venture of creating a new sports league by hip hop legend Ice Cube and power broker Jeff Kwatinetz.

We’ve seen new sports leagues being formed before with varying successes.

In the dead of spring & summer the United States Football League was born and sought to bring entertainment before the NFL season.

They brought innovations to the game that landed them star level talent.

It was so persuasive that Heisman winner Hershcel Walker signed with the USFL instead waiting a year to accept a NFL contract.

There was a freedom to have athletes turn professional after their junior season and the rules allowedhim to choose where to play.

In the first season he won the USFL rushing title teaming with football legend Doug Flutie on the New Jersey Generals.

They were attractive to many more stars like Jim Kelly who spurned the Buffalo Bills to sign with the Houston Gamblers and Super Bowl champs Steve Young and Reggie White got their start in the USFL.

Though the XFL was seen as an overall failure the cameras styles they employed influenced how the NFL has shown games with the Skycam.

Each of these ventures have had positive results though they’ve failed, if BIG3 will join this list we can only wait and see.

There were 10 games and the rules were structured to bring excitement to the game.

Rather than a run and gun offense like the Warriors or the Suns of old this game is way more physical.

“We’re going back to the old-school rules of hand checking. Most of us came from the streets. So it’s gonna be physical”

— Mahmoud Abdul Rauf

This will be very attractive to the fans of the grit that the Bad Boy Pistons had along with those Pat Riley then later Jeff Van Gundy’s Knicks.

The motto, Where The Legends Play, show where their mindset is.

To have a successful product there needs to be a catch, a reason to get eyes on the product.

This was seen to be a return of Hall of Famers in coaches like Gary Payton, Dr. J and George Gervin and NBA legends like Jason Williams and Jermaine O’Neal.

Electric personalities like Stak5, Stephen Jackson, and Deshawn Stephenson were promised to please.

There was intrigue in the additions of 48 year old Mahmoud Abdul Rauf, called by Phil Jackson as the Steph Curry prototype who was essentially blackballed by the NBA for protesting the National Anthem, sound familiar?

But there was one player, someone who defined the hip hop generation: Allen Iverson.

He has been called a hero by LeBron James and is still fully loved by both the game and more importantly the fans.

With all the talk of the possibility of a Big3 forming with Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant joining there was Allen Iverson seen as the biggest star of the bunch.

Crowds erupted when he’s seen and even more when he played.

Before the league there were hype videos of him explaining how excited he was that there was no zone defense bringing fans to remember his MVP year where his underdog Sixers took a game from the dominant Los Angeles Lakers.

Instead we saw how Father Time was undefeated as he had a lackluster start. If that wasn’t bad enough we saw that old habits die hard.

After not performing in Philadelphia and no showing in Dallas there were worries if A.I. would get it together.

“If you think you’re coming to a game to see The Answer, it’s not gonna happen”

— Allen Iverson

The insistence on having former NBA players has hurt the league in my opinion.

When future Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens asked if he could join the BIG3 Ice Cube declined reinforcing the rule of former NBA players only.

T.O. is an incredible athlete who has played basketball in school and in countless all star games he could’ve brought he entertainment and flair to a league that needs all the eyes it could get.

I believe moving forward the BIG3 should open up their requirements similar to how the USFL did.

With the cries against the NCAA for not paying the players for their talents and a requirement by the NBA to have one year outside of high school before declaring eligibility why not BIG3?

It would solve the injury problem as White Chocolate tore his ACL the first game and star Kenyon Martin got hurt shortly after.

Also this would help put money into these young mens pockets without having to go overseas like Brandon Jennings and Stephon Marbury.

There’s a possibility of this truly paying off. With a deal with Fox and their FS1 channel to air games there’s true excitement to see how far this could go.

With the Olympics announcing 3 on 3 competition in 2020 and FIBA already have a respected 3 on 3 league with men and female the BIG3 could truly be ahead of the curve with a stateside basketball league.

With the allure of joining the 3 on 3 wave the NBA could possibly take the blueprint from how they handled the ABA’s rise with purchasing the product and transferring over the talent.

Nate Robinson is still dunking over Shaq, Lavar Ball has successful integrated Big Baller Brand into NBA 2K and more than ever there’s a call for Black empowerment and ownership the BIG3 has now completed it’s inaugural season.

The sky’s the limit.

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