Why I Love Girl Meets Ski Lodge

Girl Meets World is the spinoff of Boy Meets World where Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley learns from her life experiences.

In the era of remakes and shows being brought back from Blade Runner to Fuller House Girl Meets World shined as the writers adjusted from the freedom of being on network television to children programming on Disney.

In the third season there’s arguably my favorite episode of the series, Girl Meets Ski Lodge.

This review will mainly focus on the 2nd part of this two part episode.

I love this episode so much.

It pulls on my heart strings, it made me laugh, there were great callbacks, the writing and dialogue were phenomenal and it even challenged & expanded on the way I thought.

The scene where Lucas picks Riley is so special to me.

They have great chemistry and whoever did the blocking for this scene deserves an award.

There were little quiet moments too I love when Riley makes a ‘TADA’ face when presenting Lucas with the leaf.

The hesitation by Lucas before scooting over was great same with holding her hand it showed real vulnerability.

It took me multiple watches to catch & understand what certain lines meant.

They start talking about her falling into his lap and I took it as a metaphor but it was a reference to the first season made clear by Riley’s line.

I think my favorite line delivery is how Lucas says “And Cake!” The way he said it and his face was so perfect for the scene.

The fact that Riley was worried this would hurt Maya shows how big her heart, same with Maya realizing she didn’t like him romantically and with Lucas how he just couldn’t hurt Maya even if meant being honest.

Her reaction when she realizes that he’s proposing to be boyfriend and girlfriend are on the money.

“MAYA” when he pulls out a box and the “Stay right there” was the perfect amount of humor.

I loved that there were subtle Boy Meets World references like the jellybean and to Evan being Lauren’s son was great.

I would’ve wish they did a flashback to the jellybean scene recreated with Zay and Lucas. They should’ve showed why Lucas like Maya which was a point raised earlier.

I like that they were clear that he actually liked Maya too but Riley sets his heart on fire.

“Equally as much” was a great recurring joke and it showed the differences in how he felt.

The main thing I would say was the I was disappointed they didn’t kiss each other.

Sucks Zay ends up alone but when Josh tells Maya he likes he too there was a perfect alleyoop to see him take the initiative and show much he felt for her. I loved the hand holding reveal but even that could’ve been pushed INTERLOCK FINGERS!

I don’t like that none of the cast shared kisses beside one the 1st season.

I’m glad the mountain guide Evan showed his disappointment in Riley not wanting to talk more about them.

Evan was a refreshing character but he clicked with Riley but wasn’t portrayed as a villain when he didn’t get what he wanted.

I love that they reveal what he keeps repeating, his desire to take people beyond where they would think.

Josh can be seen as a manipulator.

He hasn’t been around a lot.

I love his character arc of being an observer, it’s a perfect result of being the younger brother of those who have a either left the house or a sister with a huge age gap, but I wish this was planted earlier in the series so there would be a bigger payoff.

He’s the catalyst for a lot of things.

He tells the characters things which affect how they act instead of the audience seeing the characters make their own decisions and come to their own conclusions.

He tells Riley they didn’t like the same boy.

He told Maya she wanted to protect Riley instead of actually liking Lucas.

I love that their take wasn’t classic Boy Meets World.

Even though I thought they wanted Lucas and Riley to be the next Cory and Topanga they took the Frozen angle and highlighted that Riley’s greatest relationship was her friendship with Maya. This was seen in the ending conversation of this episode but also in Girl Meets Sixteen where Riles is unsure of what will happen with her and Lucas but they both are definite in how their relationship with be even stronger.

Lucas was definitely a coward earlier on this episode not wanting to tell of his decision to the girls.

I like that he did make one and was definite in not telling Lucas.

It was sweet that he believes it should still be a decision all 3 should make and the reveal to the audience of who he chose was my favorite scene in the episode but him giving her a jellybean didn’t have the same weight because the jellybeans didn’t show he couldn’t “live without” Riley like they did when Shawn and Cory found out that though Cory liked both Lauren and Topanga he couldn’t live without Topanga.

I liked that at first the writers showed that basically all of the characters have great romantic chemistry with each other (Sorry Zay) which I believe is a testament to great actors and direction.

So it makes sense that they all would be interested in who ends up with who but it wasn’t just a device to solve the triangle.

It was great seeing why Smackle and Farkle worked and how they value each other.

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