Why I Love Kingsman: The Secret Service

After the release of the sequel I went back to see the original.
This was a movie adaptation from the comic series by Mark Miller & Dave Gibbons.

From references to spy leads like Jason Bourne and James Bond this film truly felt like a fresh movie.

In the era of remaking nostalgic classics like Transformers and Power Rangers this My Fair Lady story wasn’t completely faithful to the source material but changed to improve the director’s feelings about discovering a new take on a classic story.

The changes that were made from the comic truly enhanced the story from the church scene being switched from a wedding to the filmmaker making the protagonist Eggsy’s journey truly his own.

Matthew Vaughn, who also coproduced and cowrote the screenplay with Jane Goldman, has a directing style that reminds me of Edgar Wright.

The benefit of editing brings these close ups and moments where it slows down and the audience can truly be transported into this world.

Kingsman is a British property and the gentleman’s world is fully realized with talk about bespoke suits and “oxfords not brogues”.
As an American it was great that the entire movie talks place in the U.K. and that the movie studios trusted that the audience would go along with this world.

The dialogue is super realistic and its in part to the language.
This movie is Rated R and it truly earns it unlike movies that are try hard while striving to be edgy

The curses show the characters background, namely Eggsy, and their reaction to their new surroundings, challenges and violence makes complete sense. This secret organization is completely new to them and dropping a F-bomb to express so doesn’t raise an eyebrow but instead shows relatability with the audience.

The violence in the movie is turned up to 11 in a way that instead of it being scarring it becomes cartoon in a way.
Again another similarity to Wright’s films like the Simon Pegg led Cornetto Trilogy the truly gnarly scenes have an element of surprise and comic flair that leaves audiences enthralled.

Lastly the villain was so refreshing in a callback to old Bond films he isn’t a mustache twirling man who is plotting their demise.

This philanthropist with a concern for nature is twisted but also a character that you can empathize with and understand where he’s coming from.
This new character created for the movie is played perfectly by Samuel L. Jackson from his aversion to blood and his love for fast food he’s a great addition to this cast.

Colin Firth and Michael Caine are accomplished pros while Roxy and Eggsy are stars in the making.

See Kingsman: The Secret Service and then check out the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

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