Why I Love Black-ish

This is my new favorite show.

The episodes of my favorite TV shows that I draw to are generally the “very special episodes”.

Stereotypically that’s when the protagonist learns a great lesson about the dangers of drugs are loses a close friend and it generally takes place during sweeps.

Now that the TGIF era is over and watching media is more splintered the tradition of a mass amount of people coming together to watch appointment television no longer happens.

Out of this streaming era there are shows from cable to streaming that still effect watchers in a deep way.

For me that is ABC’s Black-ish.

Created by Girls Trip writer Kenya Barris the show is like a mix of The Cosby Show and Proud Family.

There are just super Black references from learning in college Dre was a “5 percenter”  to Jenifer Lewis as Ruby constantly calling on “Black Jesus”.

With the spinoff Grown-ish the Cosby comparisons continue as Zoey goes off to college, hello A Different World.

Every episode isn’t a tackling deep pressing issues like Black Lives Matter or transitioning to a Trump America but I throughly enjoy everything in between.

I applaud this show for doing an episode on postpartum depression or Michael Rapaport’s presence being challenging to Dre’s blackness.

The great thing about being Black is our creativity.

We affect cool on a massive scale.

I truly believe we create and further culture.

This show is no different.

Representation is important and it’s major to see a Black family full of love on a network TV show.

Tracee Ellis Ross recently won a Golden Globe and Anthony Anderson is Emmy nominated but what truly matters is being celebrated by your own, both have won NAACP Image Awards for their performance as Dre & Bow Johnson.

Disney’s Proud Family has an episode where they learn what Kwanzaa is truly all about.

Kwanzaa is a tradition holiday that celebrates the African traditions.

Similarly the Blackish crew learns about Juneteenth.

Juneteenth is a day that celebrates our independence from slavery because though July 4th is America’s holiday Blacks were still enslaved people hoping for freedom which wouldn’t come for another hundred years.

The episode was powerful from Hamilton & Schoolhouse Rock style anthems to learning that UVA used enslaved people to help build their campus it’s truly a special lesson to learn.

Regardless if accepted by the dominant society, we should celebrate us.

So I’m giving Blackish roses while they can still smell them.

Thank you Kenya Barris, Anthony Anderson, Tracee, Miles, Marcus, Marsai, Yara, and the legends Laurence Fishburne & Jenifer Lewis

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