Grown-ish S1E10 Review: It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp

I love Grown-ish for it’s realness

I like that in the last episode that tackled drugs but it wasn’t a “very special episode” type of way.

Even though Zoey has been on Adderall for most of the season it wasn’t what the episode was centered around.

She didn’t have a Will Smith Fresh Prince style breakdown when she confesses how she’s been slipping and was hurting herself and her friends.

It was a more realistic take on dependency where it’s shown that she would be on the pills not just for studying anymore but because it was light outside on a Tuesday.

This same quality was shown on the newest episode.

I was pleasantly surprised that they tackled colorism referencing an OKCupid stat that 82% of non-Black men show some bias against Black women.

The fact that they touched on this was shocking to me especially because this show was criticized for it’s lack of dark skinned Black women in it’s series.

Though I love all the points that were made by Chloe x Hallie’s characters the weight didn’t hit as hard as it would’ve been if it was coming from a dark skinned Black woman’s mouth.

In the end they speak on how they’re dealing with these dilemmas because of the choice to go to a PWI instead of an HBCU.

I liked that they don’t make these characters just archetypes but it’s more of a fully shaped person.

Though Trevor Jackson’s character is extra with pro-Blackness it’s revealed he’s color-struck with a brilliant line where Luca points out he likes queens but “when they’re Egyptian not Nubian”.

Then goes on the opposite end of the spectrum more concerned with finding an African woman and proving it to Luca then getting to know her.

And when Vivek gets props from the twins for quoting Malcolm X and explaining how likes Black women it’s shown he doesn’t have the healthiest view point either.

“The most disrespected woman in America, is the black woman.
The most un-protected person in America is the black woman.
The most neglected person in America, is the black woman.”

— Malcolm X, Who Taught You To Hate Yourself

All through the episode the writers kept surprising me that they were actually going there.

It spoke on how Black women along with Asian men are the least chosen or preferred on dating sites where as White and Asian women thrive across all platforms.

There was talk on the ranking of women from Latinas who have African features to how men prefer even more than a Kylie Jenner a Gal Gadot because of factors like her accent.

“Everybody is checking for the girl who looks Black but not checking for the one who actually is.
Which is why everyone is suddenly getting lip injections and ass shots and rocking Timbs”

— Sky and Jazz

I enjoyed the B storyline with Luca and Zoey trying to finish their fashion project.

Though I was frustrated the writers didn’t just stick with making Zoey and Aaron a “will they won’t they” couple similar to the 90s archetype I realize it gives more realism to the show that a freshman in college wouldn’t be tied down her first year.

This brought not only Aaron but briefly a Luca and Zoey pairing then her episode with the basketball star Cash.

Luka and Yara continue having great chemistry regardless of in a dating context or just fellow creatives.

Pushing them to do better then just turning something in for the sake on a deadline.

“I’m always gonna pick the things that people run away from and look for the things that people make assumptions about then I make it as fire as I can and that’s what I call art…The realness always need to bleed through”

— Luca

Showing the different working processes of both gave way to hilarity including Siri and navigation.

This brings me to how they integrate advertisement, carried from Black-ish Buick also has brand integration here.

It’s not so overt that it takes me out the story and even the eBay ad before the video with Zoey’s character was so seamless that I confused for a cold open.

I love this show. The music supervisor should get a raise. Teen Vogue is perfect as their internship. And plus on a Black Panther reference.

Shout out to Diggy Simmons on the cameo.

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