Superstore Review – Confessions of a Romantic Comedy Lover

I’ve grown up on watching romantic comedies my entire life.

I use to excuse it by saying it’s because I’d get outvoted on movie night by my two sisters and while that’s true I have a true love of the genre as a whole whether it’s in television like FRIENDS or movies like 27 Dresses.

Usually in a story arc there’s so much miscommunication by the protagonists and the surrounding characters.

In Friends With Benefits as a defensive mechanism Justin Timberlake’s character gets so worked up by the fear of being exposed he going into this diatribe of why he and Mila Kunis’ character would never work out meanwhile she’s hidden in the room hearing the entire conversation.

At the end of the movie it all usually works out with the romantic leads ending into each others arms and living happily ever after.

Superstore is not that.

NBC’s Superstore has caused a vitriol reaction in me from screaming at my screen, pausing when moments get too awkward and audibly letting out frustration when the storyline doesn’t go my way.

Starring America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) she plays Amy, a veteran at Cloud 9, and the newcomer Jonah is played by Ben Feldman.

At the beginning of the series we see that even though Amy and Jonah have a chemistry Amy is unavailable because she’s married.

I personally have never seen an arc like this, I felt it was such clever writing and the way over the past three seasons have told the story of these great cast of characters is a testament to fantastic writing.

But it does cause frustration.

Like I said as a romantic comedy connoisseur my brain automatically fills in the gaps in predicting how a story will go but with this show it’s nothing like how I think.

Some of my favorite moments are between these two and their store adventures together.

From Amy speaking about her school rival Renee to Jonah meeting her parents it’s show they’re invested in each others lives.

And even when [spoiler alert] Amy and Jonah share a kiss in the season two finale or when she finally gets a divorce from Mark it just seems like the writers are determined to never put these two together.

Unlike HIMYM where Ted pines over Robin then when he finally gets her we see why and the series shows over again why they shouldn’t work out but then retcon the series to put them together again in the finale.

Or the original where Ross and Rachel pioneered the “will they, won’t they” story in network television.

This show just brings in new characters for Jonah and Amy to be with but the difference is there’s no foundation of the relationship other than friendship.

Their timing is never right and even when they’re given ways to get out of their relationships *cough Jonah cough* they chose to never risk it even with the prospect of love.

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