Whatever It Takes – Cavs vs Warriors IV

The series doesn’t start until road team wins.

“NBA teams that go up 2-0 in a best-of-seven round are 273-19 in the series all-time”

Since the 2016 championship LeBron’s Cavs have lost now 6 games on Golden State’s floor.

 “The Warriors are one of the best teams that’s ever been assembled and then they added Kevin Durant” – LeBron James

LeBron is unfortunately the only player with 4 MVP awards who has lost more than four Finals.

After the Spurs prevented a 3peat with the Miami Heat I looked forward to the Cavs pulling the elusive 3peat off after the 2016 win but Golden State made quick work of the Cavs winning in 5.


The odds are the worst they’ve been since 2002. The Warriors are 12 point favorites according to Vegas.


Before the series started analysts and fans if not calling for a sweep were generous in giving the revamped Cavaliers a chance to win one game with the series ending in 5 games.


The first game of the series was Thursday and in my opinion was the best chance to steal one game from the Warriors.

Kevin Durant wasn’t playing great and neither was Draymond Green.

Sharpshooter Klay Thompson was injured early in the first and didn’t return until later.


The game was competitive with both the Cavs and Warriors trading shots back and forth.

It showed how dangerous Golden State’s shooting was time and time again.

They got back into the game after Cleveland built an 11 point lead and at the end of the half Steph Curry hit a buzzer beater tying the score.

LeBron was sensational.

I worried that he would become exhausted similar to last year while carrying a team with only 4 of the players who won the championship in 2016.

He unfortunately became the only player in the Finals to score 50 points in a loss as JR Smith made a bonehead decision dribbling the clock out assuming the Cavs were ahead.


In overtime as I predicted the Warriors came alive.

It was a nightmare similar to the 2015 Finals where after the Cavaliers missed a chance to win in regulation they were unable to score until it was far too late.

“Conversations are gonna be conversations. It’s so weird that some people categorize individuality and then team and then take away one individual and say ‘Well if you’re that good you should be able to beat that team’ I think a lot of that conversation bothers me a little bit.” – LeBron James

The closest comparison is Magic Johnson who is 5-4 and was nicknamed ‘Tragic Magic’.

Before LeBron was considered the ‘greatest SF of all time’ there was Larry Bird who with 6 Finals appearances won three.

People tried to diminish James’ success by framing the comparison to Jordan as ludicrous liken him closer to Jerry West who though was called both ‘Mr. Clutch’ and is the current logo of the NBA has only one win and 9 losses.


Basketball is different than football.

There was no second chance for Earnest Byner in the AFC Championship game who is now infamously known for fumbling at the Broncos 1 yard line.

In this social media era impact is immediate.

Memes are made. Jokes are passed but life goes on.

Game 2 is on Sunday at 8pm EST.

I don’t know what is going to happen in the series.

All the hope I had that the Cavaliers would shock the world and win in 7 games has disappeared.


You never know how players will respond to adversity.

George Hill according to Rachel Nichols was unable to sleep the next night after missing the free throw that would’ve given the Cavaliers the lead with 4 seconds remaining.

Last year in Game 3 Kyle Korver missed a 3 pointer with the Cavs up and after the rebound Kevin Durant hit the defining shot that changed the game and put the Warriors up.

He was beside himself and couldn’t believe he missed that shot as well. Though the Cavaliers won the next game they lost the series in 5.

I hope the Cavaliers can bounce back.

Young players like Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. are experiencing their first Finals.

Sometimes the lights can be too bright.

On the other end the Warriors have 4 future Hall of Famers who each won a championship last year.


3, 3, and 3. We can go home in 3 hours. We can home in 3 days or we can go home in 3 weeks. That’s our mentality…we want to play for 3 weeks – Ty Lue

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