Why I Love Brooklyn Nine Nine

I don’t remember when I first heard about this show I vaguely remember seeing clips of Andy Samberg’s character wanting to win a competition with citywide cops.

But I didn’t truly check out the show until after it was cancelled.


When it was announced FOX wasn’t going to bring Brooklyn Nine Nine back for another season Twitter went out in full force with support from celebrities like Lin Manuel Miranda and Kristen Bell.

The uproar was so powerful potential partnerships with HULU and ABC were rumored but the company who produces the show brought it back home to NBC.

Andy Samberg of SNL & Lonely Island fame plays Jake Peralta, a cop who is struggling to truly mature.

The show is set in New York and unlike F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Sex & the City or How I Met Your Mother it shows with a diverse group of characters.

Jake’s apart of the ninety ninth precinct with Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, Sargent Terry Jefford, Rosa Diaz and Captain Holt.

This show is nothing like I’ve ever experienced.

It’s co-created by Dan Goor and produced by Michael Schur of Parks and Recreation fame and it shows with it’s quick fire jokes and recurring gags.

Though it’s a comedy there’s a way they tackle issues that is refreshing.

It remains itself and not a “Very Special Episode” whenever it talks about police brutality or gender roles.

In fact it uses these topics as ways to bring even more jokes.

There’s an episode where Diaz and Boyle are paired together and are wearing body cameras.

Well shenanigans ensure and Boyle is caught in a compromising position and it’s all captured through the body cams.

And because it’s a drug case and there are drugs in the background it’s used as evidence to bring a crook down.

There’s a chemistry between Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta but the writers don’t beat you over the head with the tired and cliche “Will they/Won’t they” tension that plagued many sitcoms of the aughts.

Instead even when they get together it’s a natural progression and the show still is about the precinct as a whole and not just their relationship which was surprisingly refreshing.


Santiago’s desire to be mentored and accepted by Captain Holt lead to a great scene when he broke down the meanings of common greetings:

“When people say “Good morning” they mean hello.

When mean say “How are you” they mean hello.

When people say “What’s up” they mean I’m a person not worth talking to”


Lastly it’s cool to see a LGBT friendly show.

Walking through the doors opened by The Ellen Show and Will & Grace when it’s told that Captain Holt is queer it wasn’t treated as a ‘big deal’ instead his love of his husband Kevin is just as natural as when Terry talks about his wife and kids Cagney and Lacey.

This show is honest about race and privilege.

It’s truly funny and I’m glad it’s coming back for a sixth season.



Favorite Episodes:

The Bet

The Cruise

The Vulture

The Chopper

Johnny and Dora

The Slaughterhouse

Moo Moo


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