One Take T – A Look at Tyler the Creator’s Flower Boy Sessions

After the tremendous release of Flower Boy with both critically & sales surpassing 500,000 copies he’s been on a tear with random releases of loosies with remixes of popular songs and original verses.

There are moments in hip-hop that make you pay attention.

Whenever you would hear a lighter flick you’d know Lil Wayne was going to murder a verse whether a feature or his own record there was an expectation that he’d deliver a memorable moment.

Recently with this run whenever you’d hear “Ayo” you’d know Tyler was going to go in.

The first song was Tyler rapping over JAY-Z’s 4:44.

Continuing with his personal lyrics through SFFB, Ziploc explains his experiences of last year.

He also begins his verse with answering questions asked similar to how he started the album with Foreword.

He doesn’t want to be alone and instead decides to hang out with his friends including Grape, a nickname for his friend Wyatt he fell in love with.


He speaks on the success of his deal w/ Converse in multiple verses lauding their decision to bet on him which has worked tremendously with multiple releases being sold out.

The next release was Okra complete with an innovative music video & an original beat.

Directed by his moniker Wolf Haley uses the split screen he’s used in the past most famously with his conversation with Jerrod Carmichael.

His lyrical dexterity is on full display with his flow being something special,

“You could call me brush I’ve been making waves/Since Ashley Banks’ cousin had a fade but that’s 92 I’m 91”

From him shooting his shot w/ Call Me By Your Name’s Tim Chalamet to comparing bank statements to fashion designer Mary Kate Olsen this song is phenomenal.

Bring It Back was a freestyle to Trouble’s song which is produced by Mike Will Made It.

He’s had critics that believe he was an elitist when it came to music explaining that his mother exposed him to artists like Erykah Badu and Zhané.

But he’s expanded his audience with features with Playboy Carti & now this.

This song’s release showed me his continuing maturity with expanding his sound and what he listens to.

Rose Tinted Cheeks is a “rough draft” from 2016.

It’s similar to See You Again & Glitter.

Out of the bunch and honestly besides Garden Shed from the album this is the most vulnerable I’ve heard Tyler speaking on relationships.

The song continues the motif of him trying to place a call to the person he’s fallen for.

It also has him singing and like his fourth album Cherry Bomb he’s manipulating his voice but his vocal helps expresses how he feels.

Instead of telling him face to face he “did it in a song” because he “was too afraid”.

My favorite part of this entire song is his outro.

He explains how he felt when he felt saw him and what affect he has on him.

It’s phenomenal.

What I like most about these loosies is that it shows his depth and also the different ways he can approach records.

That he can go from just rapping his tail off on 435 to taking a groovy song lie Prophet’s I Wanna Be Your Man and giving a new flavor with Peach Fuzz is awesome.

I’ve loved these songs so much that I complied them into a playlist.

You can find these songs on his Twitter page and his YouTube channel.

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