Crazy Rich Asians Review

I was blessed to be able to see this movie this weekend because of my friend Diamond.


This is such a fun movie with imaginative editing.

The opening with the raised letters and the year of when the events took place got my attention immediately.

As a Black man it was so great seeing a family use their wealth to take power.

After being discriminated against the family ended up buying the hotel.


This film is based off the popular book series Crazy Rich Asians.

And takes place in both America and Singapore.


I truly believe that there’s talent all around and you need is an opportunity.

All of these actors are phenomenal and all they delivered.

Like Master of None’s Alan Yang reminded us in his Emmy acceptance speech that both Asian Americans and Italian Americans both have their population of 17 million people.

He’s call to action was encourage more Asians to get into the arts so they could have more representation than Long Duk Dong.

This movie costars Constance Wu who is apart of ABC’s hit show Fresh Off The Boat who plays an economic professor who is an “ABC”, an American Born Chinese.

She is dating Nick Young, Henry Golding, who then asks her to come with him to his best friend’s wedding.

While their she reconnects with her best friend Goh Peik Lin, Awkwafina, from college and her family is an example of “new money”.

I like that it showed both old money and new money.

Her family is “new money” they redesigned their home in Singapore and was partially inspired by Donald Trump’s bathroom.

Where as with “old money” there was a more classic approach and when the Youngs saw how the wedding was designed they questioned if they were in a rice paddy field.

This movie is so good.

The characters are hilarious.

Social media’s Awkwafina teaming up with Superstore’s Nico Santos brings many laughs along with Ken Jeong.

But there’s also touching moments.

Nick Young’s cousin Astrid is a philanthropic fashion icon and when it’s revealed that her husband isn’t committed to her it’s a sad moment.

And when Nick’s best friend gets married Kina Grannis singing I Can’t Help Falling In Love I actually cried because it was so beautiful.


If you love romantic comedies then this is the film for you.

It’s fun and is full of life.

It’s critically loved and it’s gonna be a success at the box office.

Go and get some friends and enjoy.

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