The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 2×1 Review: “Simone”

The cast is a powerhouse Rachel Brosnahan as Midge is so darn likable it’s no surprise she took her the gold at last year’s Emmys and Golden Globes. Tony Schalhoub as Abe brings a character I’ve never seen on television. Though he can be absentminded he’s not portrayed as a dullard instead he’s an accomplished professor. Marin Hinkle’s Rose Weissman has a grace about her that just oozes off screen. And even when chaos arises she can be cool and collected but as seen last season she has a limit and isn’t afraid of voicing her opinion. Joel though he’s no longer with Midge he still isn’t grating in fact I rather like him and am looking forward to what happens this season with Michael Zegen’s character. And of course Alex Borenstein as Susie Myerson is phenomenal. The jokes about her being mistaken for a man don’t bother her at all instead her character is so determined to make it as Midge’s manager. Her chemistry with Midge is second to none. It’s like our generations Lucy & Ethel.

You 1×1 Review: “Pilot”

If you know anything about me you know that I am enthralled with the concept of “love” and how that manifests can be from rooting for two celebrities to be together (Niley forever) or in my consumption of romcoms. So going into the series I was intrigued by the protagonist being not only a man but a fellow lover of the genre as well. I do wanna say that not every male who enjoys romantic movies including romantic comedies are secretly stalkers who obsess over strangers but within seeing the first episode I felt it did a great job of building up who Joe is and why he has his worldview.

Death. Taxes. LeBron James

In the last 10 years there's been one constant in the NBA & that is LeBron James being the best basketball player in the world. His 8 straight trips to the NBA Finals is an accomplishment that only Russell's Celtics have done. His dismantling of the Toronto Raptors brings memories of Jordan crushing the Knicks or more aptly the Cavs. His dissection of the Raptors was so complete that he was nicknamed LeThanos after the Avengers villain and the city was dubbed by a commentator, "LeBronto". His secret weapon? His longevity.

VICE Review

This week I saw Adam McKay’s film VICE. Most known for his comedy classics Step Brothers, Anchorman & Talledega Nights he’s recently made a shift to bring his style to more serious topics. His film The Big Short earned him an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. This showed he could succeed out a Will Ferrell lead project and he’s continue to expand with his most recent film looking at Bush’s right hand man, Dick Cheney.

Student Athlete Review

The NCAA would have to take a serious look at the lie that is ‘student-athlete’ and find ways to properly compensate these players who risk injury while biding their time. Let’s hope change truly comes because right now these players are getting screwed. And they truly need to be properly compensated for there talents and by that I mean receiving percentages of those billion dollar March Madness and hundred million dollar apparel deals.

Quincy Review

Quincy is a legend. Winning 27 Grammys he’s the second most awarded and has contributed to the best selling album of all time, Thriller. Whether it’s philanthropy building 100 homes in Africa with Habitat for Humanity, speaking to the UN about eradicating extreme poverty or empowering Oprah and Will Smith he’s truly made the most of his 31000 days.

Addiction Is A Disease

As someone who deals with depression it can be isolating and it’s very easy to try to get out of that head space. And with drugs it can numb or mask the pain but the wounds are still there. With the conversation of addiction coming back around I just hope that it’s more nuanced than victim blaming or a blunt anti-drug message that can tone deaf and not helpful at all. Addiction truly is a disease and just like any other disease there’s resources available to combat it. There’s also grace so be with those who are struggling and fighting because sobriety is much more complicated than many feel