For Life S1E3 Review: Brother’s Keeper

I’ve recently gotten back into writing reviews for this show and since the world has essentially stopped waiting out this pandemic I feel there’s no time like the present to continue what I’ve started. Aaron Wallace was plucked from his friends and family accused of a crime he hasn’t committed. He has been sentenced to serve life in prison and being ever resourceful he becomes a lawyer while incarcerated and is now serving as prison rep for his fellow inmates.

Wu-Tang: An American Saga S1E1 Review: Can It Be All So Simple

I recently started watching Wu-Tang: An American Saga series on HULU. I love behind the scenes in general whether with film or music. Ray and Walk The Line, the story of Johnny Cash, won Oscars even the fictionalized group The Five Heartbeats has sustained a cultural impact spanning over two decades. This episode is directed … Continue reading Wu-Tang: An American Saga S1E1 Review: Can It Be All So Simple

The Founder Review

The film shows why capitalism doesn’t work fairly. It reminded me why I am closer to a democratic socialist and can’t stomach the idea of systematically destroying your opponent just to gain more for yourself.

My only gripe with this film was the framing of the protagonist.

I admit this film isn’t a Wolf of Wall Street style romp that shows his life as a conquering hero instead there leave it up to the audience to decide if what Ray Kroc did was worth it.

I feel it could give others the wrong idea of feeling they could gain the wealth and access shown at the end ignoring the lives Kroc destroyed to get there.

Why I love Season 1 of Billions

Bobby Axelrod is the founder of Axe Capital and an eccentric billionaire played by Damian Lewis.

Axe is seen and treated like a god among men. His ability to bet off of information, find the trends of the market and recall specific details of events makes him a serious asset to anyone who’s entrusting him with their fund.

He has power, he knows it and uses it for both good and unsavory means.

Chuck Rhoades in a way is his opposite. Though he came from money his wife now makes the lion share of the income from her job as a therapist for Axe Capital.

Instead of taking risks for high reward as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York he only takes cases that he know he’ll win and his undefeated streak is something he takes pride in.