Superstore Review – Confessions of a Romantic Comedy Lover

Unlike HIMYM where Ted pines over Robin then when he finally gets her we see why and the series shows over again why they shouldn’t work out but then retcon the series to put them together again in the finale.

Or the original where Ross and Rachel pioneered the “will they, won’t they” story in network television.

This show just brings in new characters for Jonah and Amy to be with but the difference is there’s no foundation of the relationship other than friendship.

Their timing is never right and even when they’re given ways to get out of their relationships *cough Jonah cough* they chose to never risk it even with the prospect of love.

Grown-ish – It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp Review

All through the episode the writers kept surprising me that they were actually going there.

It spoke on how Black women along with Asian men are the least chosen or preferred on dating sites where as White and Asian women thrive across all platforms.

There was talk on the ranking of women from Latinas who have African features to how men prefer even more than a Kylie Jenner a Gal Gadot because of factors like her accent.


“Everybody is checking for the girl who looks Black but not checking for the one who actually is. Which is why everyone is suddenly getting lip injections and ass shots and rocking Timbs” - Sky and Jazz 

Atlanta – Season 2 Episode 1 Review

They show why the backdrop of the show is called Robbin’ Season with the two men attempted to rob the spot once knowing the information was legit.

Then it switches over to the main story picking up where the finale left off.

One thing I enjoyed about this episode is that it felt like there was continuity.

I know the goal was to make it like Tiny Toons Adventure where you could just pick up any episode and not be lost but the fact that there was story progression was special.

500 Days of Ruby Sparks

I feel there needs to be separate distinction with the MPDG trope.

I feel in film there are two categories with Manic Pixie Dream Girls, those who fit the trope and those who turn it on its head.


Though often lumped in with works like Elizabethtown and Garden State I believe that 500 Days of Summer is actually the later.

Summer is a reflection of Tom's thoughts and with Ruby Sparks the protagonist is literally a writer creating the one he loves.

Why I Love the music of The Greatest Showman

This week I saw The Greatest Showman.

What pulled me in from the beginning was the music.

Knowing now that the composers were Benj Pasek and Justin Paul all made sense.

They are the industry's go to composers from their start on NBC's Smash to Oscar winning La La Land and Best Musical winning Dear Evan Hansen.

And the music supervisor was Alex Lacamore who is Tony award winner Lin Manuel Miranda right hand man.


If you love music and great performances then be prepare to be transformed to a place where the impossible is realized in a hyper realistic setting. This truly is the greatest show.

Why I Love Return Of The King – LeBron James, The Cavs & The Greatest Comeback In NBA History

Now that I feel this era of LeBron James dominance and the Cavs winning championships is in danger, from losing in the last Finals decisively to Kyrie Irving leaving to a conference rival, it’s great to look back.

I love documentaries and though there’s Believeland and even the Cavs Championship documentary itself I feel this is the best resource to look back and remember that incredible run from initially showing an amazing resolve after losing both Kyrie and Kevin Love to injuries all the way to coming from the brink of elimination and becoming the first team to come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a NBA championship.