For Life S1E3 Review: Brother’s Keeper

I’ve recently gotten back into writing reviews for this show and since the world has essentially stopped waiting out this pandemic I feel there’s no time like the present to continue what I’ve started. Aaron Wallace was plucked from his friends and family accused of a crime he hasn’t committed. He has been sentenced to serve life in prison and being ever resourceful he becomes a lawyer while incarcerated and is now serving as prison rep for his fellow inmates.

Why I Love Girl Meets Ski Lodge

I love that their take wasn't classic Boy Meets World.

Even though I thought they wanted Lucas and Riley to be the next Cory and Topanga they took the Frozen angle and highlighted that Riley's greatest relationship was her friendship with Maya. This was seen in the ending conversation of this episode but also in Girl Meets Sixteen where Riles is unsure of what will happen with her and Lucas but they both are definite in how their relationship with be even stronger.