Are CD’s Dead?

Many top tier artists are moving from just physical discs to digital content.

This is no longer the days of old where boy band acts and pop princesses would battle over who can sell a million copies in a week.

With piracy fears and record sales decreasing there is more of a reliance on streaming. 

According to Bloomberg Technology U.S. streaming revenue accounted for almost half of the music industry’s sales.


In a singles dominated market fans are expecting faster releases and engulfing experiences.

Sean Don – The Underdog Turned Wolf

As he's on his first headlining tour of his career and selling out shows, like all three of his California dates.
Any rap fan can no longer dismiss him to the lower tier when discussing leaders of the new school.
It feels like a "Biggie, Jay Z & Nas" moment.
Sean Don has a catalogue and hits to back him up as the underdog indeed becomes the wolf.

YZY SZN: Adidas’ rise in Hip Hop Culture

He has brought his influence to adidas with stars like Future, Weeknd & Taylor Swift donning his styles.

Label mates & fellow adidas’ team 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Pusha T during Summer Jam all advertised the newly released gum sole 750s.


With this announcement Adidas has essentially made West their Jordan, a face synonymous to the brand.