From The Stage to the Pulpit – The Parallels of MC Hammer & Ma$e

Each man’s legacy is readily solidified in the rap game.

MC Hammer’s lyrical references are mainly refereed to his loss of 30 million but also Fifth Harmony recently his Pumps and a Bump record.

Though criticized for his endorsements as selling out Hammer opened the door for rappers to see money promoting brands.

Hardcore reality rappers Ice Cube, Biggie and Tupac all benefited in turn endorsing St. Ides and even more with Sprite targeting rappers like Nas and Grand Puma for their Obey Your Thirst campaign.


Mase’s legacy is lyrical references to him being a rapper turned pastor.

Though he introduced Cam’ron to Biggie and taught Jim Jones how to rap his biggest impact was him inspiring artists.

Harlem’s own A$AP Mob from Rocky to Ferg has credited Mase as an influence and French Montana went as far as announcing Mase would executive produce his debut album.

He was recruited to MMG by Rick Ross and was featured on Wale’s Slight Work remix.

Drake and even his old rival Jay-Z has quoted his memorable lyrics from his guest verses.

Kanye has repeatedly said Mase was his favorite rapper and even produced the remix to Welcome Back and featured Mase on GOOD Music’s Cruel Summer album.

Dame Dash – The Cost of Independence

Damon Dash, like those who came before him like Master P and J Prince, has always preached the message of having you own. Self determination by having equity.

He truly practices what he preaches whether it was in the Roc La Familia days of owning stake in Armadale, Rocawear and branching out into filmmaking with Roc Films or now Dusko Whiskey, CEO, an upscale clothing entity, and even producing motor oil.

His eye for opportunity is second to none, he knows how to monetize off of lifestyle. 

Sean Don – The Underdog Turned Wolf

As he's on his first headlining tour of his career and selling out shows, like all three of his California dates.
Any rap fan can no longer dismiss him to the lower tier when discussing leaders of the new school.
It feels like a "Biggie, Jay Z & Nas" moment.
Sean Don has a catalogue and hits to back him up as the underdog indeed becomes the wolf.

Christianity In Hip-Hop – Is Rap Finally Embracing the Gospel Or Is Apathy The Cause

There has been a shift. 

In the era of Method Man and The Firm, legendary group and Grammy nominated Cross Movement was dismissed by the mainstream as lame and who are only trying to criticize.

Lecrae had to battle that stigma as well but after becoming a multi Grammy winner and Anomaly went God independently he signed with Columbia.

His Reach Records' artist Andy Mineo has a friendship with Sway and has been featured on RapFix and Sway's Universe.

I Miss The Old Kanye – From George W Bush to Donald Trump

On The Life of Pablo Kanye West responds to his detractors missing his more soulful and political activist side.

And even Big Brother Jay Z offered more validity to those cries by saying ‘We miss the old Kanye’

So what does this mean? Is there an etherial ‘old’ Kanye that was a backpacker who was a lovable producer-rapper 

This thought process is dismissive forgetting all that came before this current iteration of Yeezy. 

Chance The Rapper – Lil Chano From 79th to the White House Performer

Hailing from Chatham’s 79th Street Chance The Rapper, born Chancellor Bennett, has had quite a run of success and it is more impressive when taking in the fact that he has accomplished so much without assistance of a major label.


After going on tour with Childish Gambino and with the release of his widely successful mixtape Acid Rap he stereotypically would have signed to one of the many labels that were courting him but instead he started his own path by remaining unsigned.

Blond(e) is Frank Ocean’s Yeezus

Paired with the limited edition Boys Don’t Cry magazine Blond has caused waves & shook up the industry.

As a visual album Endless essentially fulfilled any contractual obligations Ocean made with Def Jam.

Blond released a day after topped Billboard’s 200 while Endless is ineligible for Billboard Chart.