YZY SZN: Adidas’ rise in Hip Hop Culture

He has brought his influence to adidas with stars like Future, Weeknd & Taylor Swift donning his styles.

Label mates & fellow adidas’ team 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Pusha T during Summer Jam all advertised the newly released gum sole 750s.


With this announcement Adidas has essentially made West their Jordan, a face synonymous to the brand. 

Is The Life Of Pablo A Classic Already?

With boasts of a music video from Oscar winning director Steve McQueen, Puff Daddy announcing he would executive produce, an unlikely pairing of the self professed 'black Beatle' & Sir Paul McCartney the anticipation of Kanye West's new project was at an all time high. 
Untimely Twitter rants, G.O.O.D. Friday delays, renewed controversy with Taylor Swift & Wiz Khalifa caused fans to become bitter towards Kanye's antics. Many fans believed that the album would need to meet musical miracle to excuse his many antics.

ADJUST: How The Clique Changed The Music Industry

From the phonogram all the way to the iPod, we've witness the inevitable change in the music industry. The rise of the digital age allowed music to be way more accessible than it has ever been.

Many artists didn't know how to plan for such a change.

Coming from CD to mp3, how do you clearly define unit sales?

While everyone acted as sheep, one artist built an empire that allowed him to become the shepherd and sway how and when the the industry changes.

With the help of his clique, Jay Z defined how we listen and consume new music & content.