Why I Love Justin Timberlake’s Justified

Initially the framework for Justified was birthed out of a desire for The Neptunes to produce for Michael Jackson and take him back to an updated Off The Wall sound so it makes sense why their tracks sound like classic pop with infectious bridges and live drums paired with funky synths and guitars. 

This is such a great album and I'd recommend it to anyone who's a fan of Pharrell & Chad, Timbaland, R&B, NSYNC and of course Justin Timberlake.

ADJUST: How The Clique Changed The Music Industry

From the phonogram all the way to the iPod, we've witness the inevitable change in the music industry. The rise of the digital age allowed music to be way more accessible than it has ever been.

Many artists didn't know how to plan for such a change.

Coming from CD to mp3, how do you clearly define unit sales?

While everyone acted as sheep, one artist built an empire that allowed him to become the shepherd and sway how and when the the industry changes.

With the help of his clique, Jay Z defined how we listen and consume new music & content.