Know Your Worth – Brands Teaming With Creatives

Instead of just retweeting or readily ignoring the originators brands who love the attention & money that our culture brings should employ and build with those who create those moments for them.

Corporations like Taco Bell or Burger King in the past have tweeted using the latest slang but it came off as inauthentic and corny cheapening the integrity of a movement.

But there have been brands who have recognized the talent that these influencers have, especially Black & Brown creatives and teamed up to create creative and original content to advertise to their fan base.

It’s A Different World – How A TV Show 30 Years Later Still Effects A Generation

In the era of ShondaLand and Empire, A Different World’s impact is still felt.

Creator of Love & Basketball’s Gina Prince-Bythewood and husband, co-creator of FOX’s Shots Fired were both staff writers on this show.

Papa Morton from Scandal was first Byron Douglas who was infamously interrupted by Dwayne’s impassioned speech to convince Whitley to run off with him instead.

Debbie Allen is the mother of Jesse Williams’ character and now executive producer for Grey’s Anatomy and when rumors surfaced of a Blackish spinoff centered around Yara Shahidi’s character going off to college an outcry of consumers wanted ADW reincarnated.

The 90’s Are All That

In 1994 two shows premiered that would go on to define a generation.

It was a tale of two coasts.

In Los Angeles one centered around six caffeinated 20-somethings trying to make it in New York.

And in Orlando the other was a cast of characters with different races and personalities.


In sketch comedy there has been one main constant, Saturday Night Live.

There were those who tried like Fridays & Saturday Night Special and those who were more successful like In Living Color and later MADtv but SNL for 40+ years has reigned supreme.

At the time there were no sketch comedy show targeted towards children, the options were staying upto watch or tape the shows. 


This changed when Nickelodeon added a new show to their lineup, All That.

Are CD’s Dead?

Many top tier artists are moving from just physical discs to digital content.

This is no longer the days of old where boy band acts and pop princesses would battle over who can sell a million copies in a week.

With piracy fears and record sales decreasing there is more of a reliance on streaming. 

According to Bloomberg Technology U.S. streaming revenue accounted for almost half of the music industry’s sales.


In a singles dominated market fans are expecting faster releases and engulfing experiences.