I Miss The Old Kanye – From George W Bush to Donald Trump

On The Life of Pablo Kanye West responds to his detractors missing his more soulful and political activist side.

And even Big Brother Jay Z offered more validity to those cries by saying ‘We miss the old Kanye’

So what does this mean? Is there an etherial ‘old’ Kanye that was a backpacker who was a lovable producer-rapper 

This thought process is dismissive forgetting all that came before this current iteration of Yeezy. 

Blond(e) is Frank Ocean’s Yeezus

Paired with the limited edition Boys Don’t Cry magazine Blond has caused waves & shook up the industry.

As a visual album Endless essentially fulfilled any contractual obligations Ocean made with Def Jam.

Blond released a day after topped Billboard’s 200 while Endless is ineligible for Billboard Chart.

ADJUST: How The Clique Changed The Music Industry

From the phonogram all the way to the iPod, we've witness the inevitable change in the music industry. The rise of the digital age allowed music to be way more accessible than it has ever been.

Many artists didn't know how to plan for such a change.

Coming from CD to mp3, how do you clearly define unit sales?

While everyone acted as sheep, one artist built an empire that allowed him to become the shepherd and sway how and when the the industry changes.

With the help of his clique, Jay Z defined how we listen and consume new music & content.

The Resurgence: A look at Black Hollywood from Stepin Fetchit to ShondaLand

Blacks have been portrayed in media since cinema has begun. 

Starting from minstrel shows, complete with blackface, working actors like Mantan Moreland & Stepin Fetchit kept working by taking the only roles available but even with the degrading roles their talent shone throughout. 

Decades after the groundbreaking Beulah & controversial Amos & Andy the birth of The Jeffersons, spinning off from All In The Family, was arguably one of the first examples of a black American family prospering on television. This Emmy award winning show is one of the longest running shows in American television history.